What is a Happy Brain?

A happy brain looks for the positive; 'the glass is half full'.  It self regulates quickly; although the happy brain gets sad or mad it is able to come back to a happy state relatively quickly.  Happy brains have happier relationships.  The body with the happy brain feels better and has more energy.  The happy brain has habits that provide positive rewards (e.g. satisfying relationships and/or careers, healthy routines). In short, a happy brain carves out a happy lifestyle.

About The Therapy


Therapy will last for eight or more one-hour sessions. Assessments will be used at the beginning of therapy and periodically during therapy. Family history will be gathered and used to gain insight everyday lifestyle.

The Therapists


Our therapists believe in a unique approach for each child or adult, couple, and family. Every individual has a history, a body, an environment, and an outlook on life that is exclusive and cannot be defined entirely by diagnosis or labels. We believe the past affects the present but control of the present is decided by each individual and we possess the ultimate power to positively change our life.

Natural Approach

Natural Approach

Medications can help tremendously but often create side effects to other parts of the body. Changes to daily routine, diet, exercise, water intake, and increase in various nutrients and supplements may be all that is necessary to improve mood and energy level.