Divorce Mediation

It is the bias of this clinic that couples stay together and resolve their differences in a new way. If, however, you have decided to divorce, it is important that the divorce end civilly and respectfully to reduce the anger, hurt, embarrassment that could linger for a long while after your marriage has ended. We would like to help you develop a new way of communicating with each other, overcome bad habits, and improve your overall communication skills. This process is especially important for couples with children. We will help you focus on the health of your children and not the animosity you may hold for each other.

The process is simple. The therapist will work with the couple individually to establish a relationship of trust. If you have children, they will be included in this process so they may learn about divorce, what the change will look like and understand clearly the rules of each home. The children will learn that the divorce is not their fault, helpful tools to navigate from one house to the other, as well as how to address their needs with each of you. The therapist will develop a working knowledge of your situation and then help you work with legal counsel.

We have established a relationship with local legal counsel to bring you a reduced legal fee. This therapist also works with legal counsel of your choosing.

This process requires that you work amicably to settle the divorce without a court trial. The therapeutic services are covered by insurance (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Coventry, United Healthcare, etc.) or agreed self-pay amounts. The reduced fee legal counsel is paid directly. Cash, check or credit card is accepted.

The therapist relationship ends after the divorce is final and when both parties decide they are ready to begin life on their own.