Group Therapy

Group therapy is beneficial to support clients and colleagues to create feelings of belonging, trust and well-being. At Happy Brain, we offer a variety of group support/therapy classes at a fee of $20 per session. These classes typically last eight sessions. Cash or check is accepted. Prepayment for all sessions can be made by credit card. Come join a session by calling 314-717-0190 or email to register.


Love the Person – Not the Addiction - Weekly Each Wednesday at 5 p.m

This support group is for people who have struggled with addition to alcohol and/or drugs. We will look at the reasons underlying your addiction and assist you to find tools to overcome it. You will be encouraged to improve your personal value of self, learn tools to reduce anxiety and tension, and improve your impression of you. This eight-week group is available to adults or adolescents.


Coping with Loss - Weekly Each Thursday at 6:30 pm, beginning October 8, 2015, Supporting Any Kind of Grief or Loss

Grief is a powerful depressant and can be caused by any number of losses, such as losing employment, loss of a friendship or marriage, death of a loved one, including a pet, or a move to a new place. Healing from loss can be accelerated through group therapy by creating new relationships that are understanding of the struggles we are experiencing and by associating with those whom are also coping with similar emotions. The next support group for anyone experiencing grief will begin on Thursday, October 8, 2015, at 6:30 pm for eight weeks. Please call Bob Fyfe at 314-467-0155 for questions or to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

The Honor Roll - Life After Cancer - Weekly Each Thursday at 5 p.m.

Are you a cancer survivor? Do you need support navigating life after cancer. Talking with people you can relate to will help you manage the physical, emotional and practical challenges that life after cancer brings. This group will promote encouragement from others to find hope, solve problems, be inspired by the personal survival stories of others, realize you’re not alone, help you feel more in control, allow you to laugh and cry with others, learn how to share your story with pride and confront your fears of the future.

Behind The Badge - Weekly Each Thursday at 6 p.m.

Do you work in Corrections? Job-related stress is widespread and, in many cases, severe among correctional officers. An inherent source of stress for correctional officers is supervising individuals who do not want to be confined, who threaten violence and who act violently. Among coping with difficult inmates, officers also face understaffing, overtime, rotating shift work, and supervisor demands. Stress can cause impaired health, burnout, early retirement, substance abuse, and impaired family life.


F-R-E-E-D-O-M - Weekly Each Friday at 6 p.m.

If you have trouble leaving work at work, limiting work on your weekends, trouble with anxiety and worries about financial or pressures of life, come join us. This support group is offered to professionals to promote mindfulness, relaxation and mental peace. This session is open to a group of eight professionals.


Support the Supporter - Monthly the First Saturday at 10 a.m

For those who are helpers, fellow counselors or social workers, especially those who work alone and have little resource to re-fuel, this group is for you. It is a forum to receive help, inspiration and enjoyment for the important work that you do. This group offers coffee, tea, water and a healthy breakfast. It’s an open forum and available to eight people at a time.

RoboMom - Weekly Each Saturday at 11 a.m.

This support group is for moms who are professionals, work full-time, have children and care for the home. We will review the traditional ideals for male/female, father/mother roles and how those roles have changed. RoboMoms are assisted in reinventing their routine and family roles to address their needs, to leave the robotic routine and return to a life with personal time, quality time with children and your partner. This group is limited to a group of eight working moms for four weeks.