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Our therapists use a variety of approaches that are highly researched and proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our therapies are safe and effective for treatment of addiction, emotional stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD and other issues.


Happy Brain believes in a unique approach for each child or adult, couple and family. Every individual has a history, a body, an environment and an outlook on life that is exclusive and cannot be defined entirely by diagnosis or labels.


I will not succumb to this virus.
My body is strong.
I trust my body to fight this infection.
I support my body by
the choices I make,
the friends I keep,
the food I eat,
the water I drink,
sleep, and exercise.
I am more powerful than a virus.
I throw away fear, dread and worry from my body, as those things weaken me.
I will be healthy and strong.
I am healthy and strong.


Our culture is very rushed. We often do not get enough sleep, take short-cuts with eating, minimally exercise and lack states of rest. Our body needs downtime. In addition to sleep, we need to socialize with healthy people…


Medications can help but many have side effects. Sometimes a change in diet, daily routine, moderate exercise, and an increase in vitamins or supplements can greatly improve mood, energy levels, and a positive mental outlook.


Hypnosis uses your subconscious mind to achieve your positive conscious goals. Our subconscious minds work very, very fast in how they process and integrate information. If you are using just willpower to change your life, you’re moving too slow for your own subconscious mind.


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A happy brain looks for the positive, ‘the glass is half full’.  It self regulates quickly; although the happy brain gets sad or mad it is able to come back to a happy state relatively quickly.  Happy brains have happier relationships.  The body with the happy brain feels better and has more energy.  The happy brain has habits that provide positive rewards (e.g. satisfying relationships and/or careers, healthy routines). In short, a happy brain carves out a happy lifestyle.

Kirkwood Business Hall of Fame Welcomes Happy Brain Counseling, LLC

Happy Brain Counseling, LLC is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Kirkwood Award for eight consecutive years. This distinction has qualified Happy Brain Counseling, LLC for the 2020 Kirkwood Business Hall of Fame. Kirkwood Business Award...

Selfish Love, Part Deux

As promised, this month we will take a closer look at Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and by the end of it, you’ll see that being under the effects of a narcissist is not loving at all, but is in fact a form of abuse. Is it selfish? Absolutely, yes. Is it...

Intentions VS Resolutions

“The starting point of every dream is the creative power that fulfills all our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Intention is the starting point of every dream.” ~Deepak Chopra It’s January 2019, a new year, a clean slate and we...

Refresh in the New Year!

It’s the New Year and a great way to start off the year is by finding things that will help you take better care for yourself. By caring for yourself, you are telling yourself that you are worth making time for. I challenge you to find healthy things that you enjoy...

Shed the Toxic!

Most people I meet are looking to be a “good person.” In fact, this seems to be a core concept of childhood; being good or bad. As an adult, this notion of being “good” makes us susceptible to toxic people. I am not sure what is multiplying toxic people in our lovely...

New Years Goals – 2019

Happy New Year! Coming up with resolutions for the new year has become sort of a tradition, but are you creating good resolutions that will benefit your mind, body, and spirit? Negative resolutions such as “I want to lose 20 pounds,” “I want to be in a relationship,”...

Using Our Senses in 2019

The Book of Self-Care by Mary Beth Jansen bills itself as a compendium of “remedies for healing mind, body and soul.” In her last chapter, “come back to your senses,” she discusses how you can utilize your five senses in your daily life to improve your overall...

Secretly Judgmental? Highly Critical? What These Things May Say About You.

Do you notice that you secretly judge others? For example, you notice that a co-worker has a chosen to wear a stunning red dress to the work Christmas party and you think, That is so inappropriate for a work function. Who is she trying to impress? Or your sister tells...

PTSD and Panic Disorder: What’s the Difference?

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental disorder seen in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States or roughly 18% of the population. When that anxiety escalates to a panic attack, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere, it can turn your world,...

Let there be joy!

Think about your holiday experience, if you will. Do you notice the bright colors, ringing bells, cheerful chatter and uplifting music? OR do you feel harried from place to place, unable to keep up with too much work and holiday preparations, that you are spending...

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