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Happy Brain Counseling was founded in Kirkwood, Missouri, in 2012. It is our mission to be part of the Kirkwood, and greater St. Louis, community and to really help improve the lives of the clients we serve. We are diligent to be informed on the best, scientific methods, techniques and therapies that will help adults, children, couples and families. We care deeply about our Happy Brain family of trained professionals and our clients.

We believe that the main benefit from counseling is that we create an emotionally safe and relaxing environment that allows you, our client, to create a bond with our therapist and staff. We are diligent to do this by the cozy atmosphere we create, somewhat like home, being neat and clean, being approachable as counselors and having open communication. We are not afraid to address emotional topics with our clients and work to teach each person to learn to express these feelings with a calm disposition and clarity. At Happy Brain we believe in creating emotional intimacy with our clients, which is something we may not have been afforded as a child or as an adult; meaning, we are emotionally safe to talk to about any topic without judgment.

We believe in working with the person, couple or family as the situation prescribes and creating a tailored treatment for a positive outcome. We are adept at many therapies, including, but not limited to, Emotion-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral, play therapies for children, trauma therapies, Solution Focused, Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and the like. We also use a variety of techniques, including hypnosis and Integrated Based Stress Reduction (IBSR). Hypnosis is wonderfully relaxing and can aid our clients in more quickly harnessing ruminating thoughts and pesky preoccupations or in getting rid of unwanted habits, such as smoking and overeating, or conquering fears. IBSR promotes overall well-being, rids the body of stress stored over time and we notice our clients will often move forward in their lives after treatments.

In our culture, we are often stretched too thin and too busy to care for ourselves in the way we would like. We encourage improvements in self-care, including exercise, healthy eating habits, increased water intake and friends who pass the Friend Test: 1) they treat us consistently well, 2) help us be a better person, and 3) we walk away from time with them feeling better about ourselves. We believe these are essential ways we tell ourselves, I Love Me!

Finally, we notice our culture tends to be harsh, judgmental and negative. We strongly believe that we can help each person improve by changing the brain from negative self-talk to a positive kind, loving and respectful inner language. One way we can help any person who visits our page is to use the aides on our site to retrain your brain in a positive way. We call these tools affirmations, which are positive messages for our brain to store and reuse, and guided meditations that allow our brain a break from racing thoughts and create healing from trauma and anxiety or depression. We have developed a variety of messages we notice are helpful to our clients. We are happy to assist you with personalized messages if you reach out to us. We are looking to help and our prices are very affordable to all. You can find out more information on this website about any of the information on this page.


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