Improving Emotional Resilience

Happy Brain Counseling-Improving Emotional Resilience

Using Neuro Emotive Technique [NET] and Emotion Code [EC]

Do you notice automatic responses in relationships that are not what you would like to do and that do not support relationships in the way that you had planned? This automatic response can be due, in part, to an emotional response that was inherited from your family or due to negative emotions that you personally experienced or that you absorbed from your environment.

One helpful way of improving general well-being and emotional resilience is to use the body therapies NET and EC. NET is a science-based proven technique used for over 30 years by a variety of doctors and licensed professionals. This technique uses Applied Kinesiology, a scientifically proven body technique, to identify and extract negative emotions that interrupt functioning, overwhelm us emotionally, and that break down the physical body. NET increases healing more sustainably and reduces the healing time from trauma. Traditional therapy is still necessary and NET is a great addition to the therapy or as a stand alone process for clients. Camille Reinhold offers this technique.

EC is another approach to this process and can be used in conjunction with therapy or as a stand alone process. This technique can be used with people and animals and Kelly Locker is certified to offer this service.

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