GETConnected! Treating Neurodivergent Clients

Happy Brain Counseling-Treating NeuroDivergent Clients

We are happy to offer GETConnected! (Gregarious Engaged Tactile & Calm) to support families and adults or children who are neurodivergent, otherwise known as Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD].

We believe that it is important to treat the whole person and support the family, as well. The Autism diagnosis does not mean that we are getting rid of symptoms or it’s a “problem” to be fixed, but rather that this is a different language and that to support the client to identify the way to communicate with others that works for them and to increase their toolkit to be connected to others. Further, we support the neurodivergent person to understand how their communication is being perceived by others who are neurotypical, to enhance their current social cues and responses, and to learn how current behaviors affect social connections to others. Another goal is to reduce anxiety, to increase well-being, and a reduction of rules and rituals that isolate the person from family and peers. Finally, we believe that in treating the whole person we look at the layers of the person: from the neurodivergent traits, to the personality, to the values which makes each case unique.

This process and program works well in addition to therapy at Happy Brain or as a stand-alone program if you or your loved one is already seeing a therapist or psychologist. We will provide a sensory profile and ASD diagnosis, using the ADOS-II, and provide a treatment plan to the child’s team.